Faryab clerics throw weight behind all-Afghan parleys

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BALKH: Dozens of religious scholars in northern Faryab province on Thursday expressed their support for the intra-Afghan peace talks and called for lasting peace and stability in the country.

In a gathering organized at the Eidgah Grand Mosque in Maimana, the provincial capital, Faryab Ulema Council said if lasting peace and stability were to be achieved in Afghanistan, foreign countries must stop interfering in the country’s internal affairs and an Islamic government must be established.

Maulvi Ghulam Nabi Ghafoori, deputy head of the Faryab Ulema Council, said that Afghans had endured 40 years of grief, pain and turmoil, adding “People are tired of this long-lasting war as a result of which numerous widows, orphans and people have lost their homes.”

Maulvi Mohammad Sabir, an Islamic scholar and participant of the gathering, said peace was one of the most crucial and fate-deciding issues in the country and for which all people, especially religious scholars, bear responsibility.

Stressing the role of clerics in the peace process, he said: “Members of this council call upon the warring parties in the country to end the war.”

Other scholars held similar views, adding if Afghan people, especially Ulema, mobilized in unity, they would be a decisive force in determining the country’s future.

The Ulema gathering comes as there are intense clashes ongoing between the Taliban and the security forces in different districts of Faryab.