“Unless youth get into action, peace is infeasible”


BALKH: Over 50 youth participated in a book reading competition themed as ‘Effort for Peace-building’ to promote peace awareness in northern Samangan’s provincial capital of Aibak city.

The event participated by both girls and boys was organized on Sunday by Peace Studies Group in collaboration with Bawar Media Center aimed at promoting peace knowledge among youth.

Abdul Hameed Ansari, head of the Peace Studies Group, said people were fed up with war and violence and thus they demanded peace and stability in the country.

“It’s about time that every citizen of the country worked to promote the values of peace and enlighten public opinion in this regard.”

Shamsullah Mirzai, a reporter based in Samangan, who also took part in the competition, believed that youth should make efforts to promote a culture of peace.

“Unless youth get into action, peace won’t be achieved. Young people need to promote a culture of peace through various programs,” he concluded.

The results of the contest are going to be announced in the coming days, and the first, second and third winners would receive prizes accordingly.