Ghazni women say fed up with insecurity & proxy wars


PAKTIA: Women in southern Ghazni province said they are fed up with proxy wars that have taken away their children, husbands and fathers, adding the warring sides shouldn’t prolong the peace talks anymore and have mercy on their children.

Speaking to the Afghan Peace Watch (APW), a member of the Consultative Loya Jirga and Ghazni Women’s Affairs Provincial Director, Shukria Wali, on Sunday said wars had eroded all their values.

She said even though women hadn’t taken up arms themselves but they lost their children, husbands and fathers to such proxy wars.

Wali said hopes were high about peace because “The nation took the stark decision to release 400 Taliban prisoners in order to achieve peace and stability. Therefore, the sides shouldn’t delay intra-Afghan talks anymore and have mercy on our children.”

Fawzia Kakar, another woman, told APW: “War leads to destruction and we should put an end to this phenomenon. Afghan mothers are tired of conflicts and war; we won’t permit anyone to be a hurdle to peace.”

She asked the Taliban insurgents to accept the country’s Constitution and facilitate a conducive environment for women’s education.

It’s pertinent to mention that currently there is no educational facility for girls in 10 districts of the province, a situation that Ghazni women blame war for.