“Inordinate delays in peace process intolerable”


PAKTIA: Civil society activists in southeastern Paktia province on Tuesday said delays concerning peace were unacceptable and that all parties must remain committed in this regard.

“Intra-Afghan talks should be launched at the earliest possible,” they demanded in a gathering organized in honor of Afghanistan Independence Day.

They said the release of 400 contentious Taliban prisoners was a huge obstacle to the peace process but Consultative Loya Jirga showed goodwill and gave the Afghan government the mandate to free those hardcore inmates.

They added as the all-Afghan talks had been postponed for an indefinite period, they “won’t accept any delays in this regard.”

Janat Gul Ahmadzai, a civil society activist, said peace was a necessity and thus the warring sides should launch the intra-Afghan talks as soon as possible.

Another Paktia resident, Haqmal Massodzai, dubbed the Loya Jiga’s decision laudable, adding Afghans were thirsty for peace. “There should be efforts made in unison for peace now since there is no hurdle left. Any side delaying peace dialogue are prolonging war and Afghans will hate them for that.”

A freelance journalist, Faridullah Ahmadzai, expressed joy over recent developments that were taking Afghans closer to peace, calling the Loya Jirga decisions in the past as having good precedence. “We want a ceasefire before intra-Afghan talks initiate and we don’t approve of any delay in this regard.”