“600 foreign terrorists arrive in Badakshan to fight Govt. forces”


BALKH: Terrorist and extremist groups in the country are trying to undermine the freedom and independence of Afghanistan, warned the governor of northeastern Badakshan province on Tuesday, promising this design of theirs was infeasible.

Speaking at a ceremony organized on account of Afghanistan’s 101st Independence Day, he said over 600 foreign terrorists belonging to various global networks had come to Badakhshan to fight against the Afghan government.

Governor Mohammad Zakaria Sawda congratulating the Afghan masses on the anniversary of Afghanistan’s Independence assured that the Afghan security forces were fully capable of defending the state and its nation.

Sawda didn’t specify where were the 600 terrorists based in the province but said they were colluding with the Taliban to fight against security forces; however, they wouldn’t succeed, he guaranteed.

“I call on the Taliban to shun violence and fighting; otherwise, the Afghan security forces are capable of crushing both domestic and foreign terrorists in Badakshan,” Sawda maintained.

This comes as some districts in the province, including Raghistan, Kohistan, and Kof Aab, have been reportedly witnessing intense clashes over the past few days. The full details of such conflicts are still not shared with the media.