Taliban repudiate DoD report on ties with Al Qaeda


KABUL: The Taliban on Thursday vehemently refuted the recent report by the US Department of Defense (DoD) regarding the insurgent group’s ties with Al Qaeda, calling it a provocative report that “only serves to make Afghans even more skeptical about US intentions for peace.”

The DOD in a report to the US Congress stated that the Taliban did not appear to honor their vow to cut links with terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. The group was blamed for continuing to support al-Qaeda against the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).

The report also stated that there had been a spike in violence against Afghan security forces since the signing of the US-Taliban peace pact whereas the group didn’t carry out a single attack on US or coalition forces in Afghanistan over the past three months.

However, a statement from the Taliban received by Afghan Peace Watch (APW) said such remarks were a campaign promoting specific and malicious objectives. “Our Mujahideen are strong enough to combat the enemy and are not in need of support from any foreign side or organization.”

The rebel group advised American officials, politicians and astute parties not to fall into the trap of baseless allegations and become victims of false reports and information pushed by some warmongering circles present within the American military apparatus.