Mirzakwal to Taliban: Respond to people’s call for peace


Balkh: Governor of northern Kunduz province has urged the Taliban to respond positively to the people’s voice for long-standing peace and stability.

A gathering to celebrate Afghanistan Independence Day was organized on Saturday and participated by the Kunduz Governor Abdul Sattar Mirzkwal, heads of government departments, civil society activists, cultural figures, poets and women’s rights activists.

Although it was a cultural and social gathering featuring poets and culturists who presented poems about the country’s independence in Pashto, Dari and Uzbeki, the speakers also discussed the progress in the peace negotiations, as well as ensuring peace and stability in the country.

Governor Mirzakwal, addressing the event, said the Taliban should put to an end to the bloodshed of innocent civilians, adding that Kunduz had been suffering from insecurity over the past few years as people were indiscriminately being killed.

Referring to the decades of war in the country, he said Afghan masses were fed up with war and misery and they wanted absolute peace.

Furthermore, Mirzakwal added that insecurity and military conflicts had left a negative impact on key national days as people weren’t able to celebrate such occasions in calm.