24 security personnel defect to Taliban in Baghlan


Balkh: As many as 24 Afghan security forces have defected to the Taliban militants in northern Baghlan province, alleged a statement from the insurgent group on Friday. 
The statement identified the security personnel as Jamshid, Akhtar Mohammad, Abdul Manan, Noor al-Rahman, Sayed Ali, Aref, Abdul Matin, Faizur Rahman, Rahmuddin, Juma Khan, Baryali, Nader Khan, Abdul Jabbar, Jamshid and Shams. 
Khal Mohammad, Mohammad Rasool, Omid, Gol Rahman, Abdul Alim, Noorullah, Navid, Abdul Mohammad and Lajbar were also part of the group that turned traitors; however, local and security officials in the province have not provided any comments in this regard yet.