Demonstrators in Badakhshan:


Inter-Afghan talks must be held to achieve peace and stability in the country
A number of residents of Badakhshan province in a peaceful rally in Faizabad city, the capital of the province, called on the referral of parties involved in war to inter-Afghan talks because the people are tired of war and violence in the country.
They announced their desire to hold this rally on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, in coordination with peace-seeking social movement, and emphasized that the only way out of the security problems and challenges in the country inter-Afghan peace talks.
Zohurullah Sharifi, who is in charge of peace-seeking social movement uprising in Badakhshan province, said that the rally was launched in a number of other provinces with the slogan (Why continue war?) to encourage people’s support of national processes such as peace.

Mohammad Ismail Sami, one of the organizers of the rally, says that although peace talks have raised hopes, citizens are still worried about the continuation of war and violence in the country. Therefore, the parties involved must pay attention to the concerns of the people.
Waheeda Tawana, a member of peace-seeking social movement in Badakhshan province, criticized the increase in insecurity on public highways, saying that people are being killed every day under various pretexts by the fighting parties, which should be stopped in the country.
He said that people are supporting real peace talks that reflect permanent stability in the country. Besides, he added “It is the duty of the Afghan government to work hard for the people’s aspirations for peace and prosperity.”

Javed Mirian, a resident of Badakhshan province, called on the fighting parties to put their demands on the discussion table. War and violence are no longer the solution, and only in the meantime innocent civilians are being killed, which is a painful issue.
Meanwhile, peace-seeking social movement in the northern province of Balkh has also organized a rally under the same slogan (why continue war?) to call on the people to take part in peace and take actions to achieve it.