Kabul Residents Hopeful for Peace

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KABUL: Residents of Kabul have seen it all; starting from the so-called bloody revolution in 1978 to the brutal civil war in Afghanistan that turned Kabul into ruins and killed scores of Kabulis, up until the Taliban government and the post-2001 suicide bombing era. People in Kabul are pro-peace but are skeptical about the outcome that will theoretically end the war in Afghanistan. 

In some interviews conducted by APW journalists with ordinary residents of Kabul city, most of the interviewees said that they are supporting government efforts for peace but are not optimistic about durable peace in Afghanistan. 

Mohammad Jawad, a young man studying sitting by a bench in a park in the western part of the city, told our reporters that he supports the dialogue only if it produces meaningful output. However, he didn’t seem optimistic about peace soon. 
Mr. Jawad opposed the idea of releasing Taliban inmates expressing concerns that the fighters will go back to the battlefield. 

In another corner of the park, an old man was sitting who first refused to participate in the interview but then agreed to answer the questions but being very pessimistic about the situation. 

He didn’t give us his name but said that he didn’t believe the parties were truthful to the peace process, stating the recent disagreement on the prisoner’s release who the Taliban insist on freeing but the government says they are criminals. 

When asked if he was hopeful for peace in Afghanistan in the near future, the old man responded with, “No, not at all.” 

Afghanistan has suffered decades of conflict and so many generations were born and raised in the war that the idea of a peaceful Afghanistan seems like an illusion to so many Afghans.