The Taliban agree to direct talks


KABUL: The Taliban and the Afghan government have finally agreed to meet for direct talks in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Members of the Taliban political office and a government appointed delegation from Kabul will meet for direct talks, for the first time, that will kickstart the Intra-Afghan Negotiations also known as (IAN). 
Spokespeople for Afghan government and the Taliban have confirmed that both sides have agreed to participate in the long awaited high level peace negotiation between the Afghan government and the Taliban. 
The proposal to host talks was made by the Qatari government that was approved by the Afghan government, and the Taliban accordingly. As of yet, the exact date of the negotiation is not announced, but sources familiar with the matter say that the talks will happen in the coming weeks. 
Direct talks between the Taliban insurgents, who were removed from power by the U.S-led coalition following the 9/11 attack,  and the U.S. backed Afghan government is considered a breakthrough to end the decades long conflict in Afghanistan. 
The Taliban however, made a peace deal with the U.S. government earlier this year, not to attack American soldiers, but the militant group is still carrying out attacks against Afghan government targets.