We can only cover ‘good news’ about Taliban: Journalists


KABUL: Several journalists in the country voiced concern that the Taliban have recently introduced new restrictions against media, whereby media outlets other than the Taliban-run Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) have no right to cover news programs.
Journalists in Baghlan province told APW that in the latest case, the Taliban prevented journalists from entering the national university entrance exam venue and were not allowed to film the event.
According to the journalists of this province, in another instance, the officials of the Revenue Department of Baghlan didn’t allow the journalists of private media to film the complaints of several shopkeepers regarding the implementation of a new program of the Ministry of Finance to collect taxes from the shopkeepers. Besides, the Revenue Director of this province denied requests of other reporters and attended an interview with an RTA reporter. 
 In addition to Baghlan, journalists from Balkh and Takhar provinces are also facing a similar fate. 
Journalists in these provinces told APW that they are merely allowed to cover positive issues and those in favor of the Taliban. “We are warned to avoid covering issues that criticize the Taliban’s government and the inefficiencies of government agencies.