Put an end to Taliban’s arbitrary home inspections: Kandaharis urge Int’l community


KANDAHAR: In a fresh bout of violence against civilians, the Taliban have launched an intense house-to-house search in Kandahar city and Spinboldak district, agonizing residents with their brutal treatment and misbehavior. 
“When they conduct their search, they behave violently and take women outside and search the men inside,” hapless residents told the Afghan Peace Watch (APW). 
In addition to checking women’s clothes, they also check mattresses, pillows, women’s bags, and anything they can get their hands on. In certain houses, they have broken the doors to locked rooms. 
“In some cases, they beat the owners of houses if they find the tricolor flag,” said a resident whose house was recently inspected. 
Using abusive language, the Taliban torture the former government’s security forces and seize their military outfits. “Civilians are being called American slaves.” 
Wielding guns, the Taliban raid houses overnight with no policewomen. Sources said the Taliban male fighters search women who they suspect might be hiding something, which goes against the Afghan culture and Islamic teachings. 
While torturing the residents of Spin Boldak’s PD2 and PD3 who they accused of being former ANDSF, the Taliban threaten them, saying, “your killing is right.” They warn that they would be killed if anybody complains about their arbitrary searches. 
Kandahar residents urged the international community, human rights organizations, and the United Nations to come to their aid as they are fed up with the Taliban’s arbitrary and violent home inspections.