Heratis say fed up with Taliban’s arbitrary home inspections


HERAT: Residents of western Herat province lash out at the Taliban’s arbitrary searches of their homes, saying the de facto administration violates their right to privacy without having any reason to intrude into their homes. 
“Taking into account the divine and social laws, entering residential houses is considered a violation of privacy,” they said. 
Unless legal and administrative procedures are observed – the fact that a crime has occurred; the house owner consents to the search; and there exists a court’s order – it’s an invasion of privacy, noted the concerned residents. 
They proposed if there’s truly a need to search a home, the purpose should be shared with the owner and the search should be conducted only if the owner permits in order not to create panic among the family members, including women and children. They suggest an elected representative and attorneys should also be present as witnesses during the search.  
The residents dubbed the Taliban’s arbitrary searches as a breach of their privacy, lamenting that they had no other authority to complain about this illegal act. 
This comes as there have been constant reports in the past of the Taliban launching searching and clearing operations in different provinces on one or another pretext. People have earlier complained about the Taliban’s mistreatment and violation of their privacy during inspections.