Zabul female breadwinners grumble about Taliban’s restrictions


ZABUL: A recent move by the Taliban forbids women in southern Zabul province from work and attending weddings. 
Women in the province have voiced concern over the Taliban’s repressive actions. Zabul is one of the provinces that the Taliban have imposed extreme restrictions on women’s work compared to other provinces. 
“We have been told numerous times that you don’t have the right to work,” said Hamida Tokhi, who is a member of the handicraft industry in this province. The Taliban authorities told Tokhi a few days ago that they shouldn’t attend weddings as well. 
In the past 20 years, this province has been hit hard by wars, resulting in many families losing their male breadwinners. 
Before the Taliban takeover, approximately 2,000 women with no male family heads were engaged in vocational training and handicrafts to make ends meet.