Girls out of school; Uruzganis say ‘Taliban don’t represent us’


URUZGAN: Uruzgan residents have lashed at the Taliban Minister of Education for receiving a false impression that Uruzganis don’t let their girls to schools because of their culture. 
The residents of Tirinkot city, the provincial capital, said the Taliban weren’t the representatives of the Uruzgan people who direly wished to send their daughters and sisters to schools. 
The Taliban Minister of Education made remarks about Uruzgan’s culture during a recent visit to the province. 
Moreover, the Taliban leaders were urged not to use the people to express their own positions.
This comes as the Taliban recently closed down, yet again, four schools that had newly opened up in Paktia following tribal mediation. Since coming into power, the Taliban haven’t allowed girls above sixth grade to attend schools, citing religious and cultural pretexts.