Taliban impose limitations on female aid workers


KANDAHAR: The Taliban Ministry of Prevention of Vice and Propagation of Virtue of Taliban has imposed restrictions on female partners and employees working in the distribution of humanitarian aid on behalf of the World Food Program (WFP) in the south of the country. 
Against the backdrop of the heavy rains and flash flooding across Afghanistan that inflicted heavy losses on Afghans, the Taliban have decreed that female aid workers should check women beneficiaries’ IDs in a closed room and separate from their male colleagues. 
The Taliban warned the implementing organizations of the World Food Program (WFP) not to have females present in the working fields unless indispensable. Taliban had earlier restricted female surveyors with WFP in Ghazni, Paktia, Paktika, Khost and Logar districts as they were only allowed to operate and distribute aid to affected families, who don’t have a male head, in the capitals of these provinces. 
According to the Taliban’s decree, women should make ID cards for their male heads of families to receive humanitarian aid in order to prevent profanity. 
However, women, on the other hand, of the affected families told Afghan Peace Watch (APW) that if they had a male leader, they would have never waited for days to receive aid. 
These restrictions come as while over the past few days, heavy rains and flash flooding have been reported in several provinces across the eastern, southern, south-eastern, and central regions of Afghanistan, leaving around 8,200 families affected and 118 killed since August 1, according to UN.