Taliban crackdown on educational centers 'despairing': Students


KABUL: A year after the closure of schools’ doors to girls above the sixth grade, the Taliban have now begun closing down private educational institutions in the capital Kabul city over the past few weeks. 
Ayesha and Nadia, two separate educational centers’ students, residing in Kabul, called the Taliban’s move ‘despairing’ in a conversation with Afghan Peace Watch (APW), saying, “We felt disappointed when we saw our courses doors sealed by the Taliban.” 
Following the Taliban’s closure of schools, girls in Afghanistan joined courses to pursue their education, but the Taliban have now launched a crackdown on private institutions due to their co-ed system and lack of female teachers to teach female students. 
In a recent survey, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) found that 45 percent of girls in Afghanistan are deprived of education, leading to hundreds of girls having to go through a deep depression. 
This is while there have been constant calls by female students and activists in the country and across the globe demanding the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools as soon as possible, but to no avail.