Casualties as Taliban-NRF clashes intensify


KABUL: At least 40 Taliban fighters were captured and five others killed by NRF forces in Dara and Onaba districts of Panjsher province on Monday, NRF and sources confirmed, adding the Taliban fighters were detained following a clash that led to NRF taking control of seven villages. 

Meanwhile, a large convoy of the Taliban en route to the province to suppress NRF was also ambushed, inflicting casualties on the Taliban; however, figures aren’t confirmed yet. In the meantime, all the captured Taliban fighters were released the next day of capturing; however, the Taliban arrested their own members who were released by NRF on the same day, according to APW reports. 

Furthermore, Taliban fighters came under NRF ambush in Pul-e-Hisar of Baghlan province on Thursday night, sources told APW, adding a Taliban convoy arrived in the area to suppress NRF forces but faced retaliation. Heavy casualties are feared in an ensuing clash that happened between the sides; however, no exact figures as of yet.

Elsewhere, three National Resistance Front (NRF) forces were killed in a Taliban ambush in Shiwa locality of Badakhshan’s Raghistan district late on Thursday night. An NRF fighter was also wounded.