'Taliban's treatment of women more shocking than 90s': HRW 


KABUL: In its latest report, the Human Rights Watch has described the Taliban’s treatment of Afghan women as more shocking than in the 90s.
The report, published on Tuesday, August 16, states that Afghan women need global action to stop the Taliban’s abuse.
According to this organization, the international reactions against the Taliban were not enough and fewer measures have been taken against this group.
The report dubbed the Taliban’s closure of girls’ schools as unimaginable, lamenting that women and girls have disappeared from Afghan society.
According to this international organization, global consensus and more decisive action could crush the Taliban’s resistance to reopening schools and restoring women’s rights.
This comes as there are constant protests by Afghan women against the Taliban. 
Dozens of women protested against the Taliban in a closed space on Monday, citing the reason as a comeback after the Taliban disrupted their demonstration a day earlier. 
These women belonging to different women’s empowerment organizations – Afghanistan Women’s Unity Association and Impovershid Women Support Movement, etc. – said they would continue such protests until they were entitled to their fundamental rights by the Taliban. 
The protest came as the Taliban celebrated the first anniversary of their takeover on August 15.