Panjsher women say we don't recognize Taliban


PANJSHIR: Women in Panjsher province staged a protest on Sunday, chanting anti-Taliban slogans and demanding the international community not to recognize the Taliban, sources reported to APW.

Protesting in a closed space, they said recognizing the Taliban meant recognizing women in ‘shrouds’. They added the Taliban’s recognition would mean death to democracy.

On August 15th last year, the Islamist insurgents seized the capital Kabul city amid little resistance. The US-backed Afghan government collapsed, and the Afghan national army surrendered in their thousands as the Taliban rapidly took control.

While the Taliban de facto administration and its followers celebrate August 15th as a day of independence, most Afghans dub it a ‘black day’.

This comes as, on Saturday, dozens of women took to the streets against the Taliban restrictions on women in Sadarat Square of Kabul city. The Taliban disrupted the protest with armed intervention. Chanting anti-Taliban slogans of “Work, bread, and Freedom,” the women demanded a reversal of limitations on Afghan women. Video footage on social media showed the Taliban firing into the protest to disperse the crowd.

Despite the pledges made when it retook power, the Taliban have deprived Afghan women of their rudimentary human rights, including keeping girls out of school and restricting women’s right to work.