Afghanistan food crisis: WB warns of severe repercussions   


KABUL: Afghanistan is one of six countries worldwide facing a food and debt crisis, according to a recent World Bank (WB) report. 
The report indicates that droughts have affected Afghanistan and reduced wheat production, adding that about 69 percent of Afghans cannot meet their basic food necessities, and 16 percent consume less than one meal on a daily basis. 
Based on WB projections, these crises would have severe repercussions for the world, recommending that assisting these countries with ample edible commodities was the only solution.
Besides Afghanistan, countries such as Eritrea, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Yemen are facing similar issues. 
According to the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan of the Taliban administration, the root cause of the issue was the Afghan assets frozen by the United States. 
This is while earlier farmers across the country had similar concerns, warning they were facing starvation due to lack of rainfall this year.