Money exchangers rally in support of Taliban 


KABUL: Hundreds of money exchangers in different provinces on Wednesday took to the streets against the US drone attack that killed Al-Qaeda’s chief al-Zawhiri in Kabul last week. 
Money exchangers from Patika, Kandahar, Helmand and Kabul protested that the US was acting violent and violated the Doha deal.
Chanting anti-US slogans, they demanded the US cease violating Afghanistan’s airspace and territorial integrity.
Meanwhile, money exchangers of Helmand province condemned the strike, saying Afghanistan was an Islamic country and no other country had the right to execute drone strikes.
Qandi Agha, head of Kandahar’s money exchangers union, said the US is conducting strikes in Kabul, and Pakistan is shelling rockets into eastern and southeastern Afghanistan, lamenting that Afghan trade was gravely affected as a result.
These rallies took place on the heels of the al-Qaeda chief’s killing in a US drone strike in Kabul city last week.