Taliban harass Takhar women: Residents 


TAKHAR:  Residents of Warsaj district in northern Takhar province say they are fed up with the Taliban’s misygonist and rowdy acts in the province. 
There have been several complaints of the Taliban harassing women reported from the district. Concerned residents told Afghan Peace Watch (APW) that since Taliban fighters, especially the Gujjars, came into the district, there has been constant harassment and misconduct committed by them. 
According to the information provided by a resident to APW, even the Taliban intelligence chief for the district indulges in such acts of women’s harassment. 
A while back, the chief had gone to a woman’s home, leading to public outcry when residents noticed the situation. 
The chief and his group faced a severe backlash from a local Taliban commander named Dr. Dawood and as a result, the Taliban perpetrators fled the district. 
This comes as there have been earlier reports of the Taliban forcibly marrying women in different provinces of the country.