11 Taliban killed in separate anti-Taliban attacks

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KABUL: Three Taliban fighters were killed and two others were wounded on Sunday evening after rockets shot from an unknown location landed at a Taliban military post on the outskirts of Faizabad city, the provincial capital of Badakhshan province, sources told APW.

There has been no word from the Taliban yet about who fired the rockets. Meanwhile, five Taliban members and a National Resistance Forces (NRF) fighter were killed in a clash in Hisa Dawom district of Parwan province late on Saturday night, sources reported to APW.

On the other hand, on Thursday, three Taliban fighters were killed and two others were wounded in an IS-K attack in the Mazardara area of Noorgal district in Kunar province. Sources told APW the Taliban corpses and wounded were transferred to Asadabad city. However, the Taliban remained tightlipped and gave no information about the killing of their fighters.

In a recent instance of the Taliban’s persecution of civilians, five individuals, including two women, were flogged 40 whips each publicly in Zabul province on Sunday. The two women and one man were accused of illicit relations and two others were accused of robbery by the Taliban.

This is the first time the Taliban whipped suspects in public, in front of around 6,000 people.

Moreover, a widow woman was severely beaten by the Taliban, who broke her arm in the Dara district of Panjsher province on Monda. The incident occurred when she refused to marry a Taliban fighter, according to APW sources.

Furthermore, residents of Baghlan province have expressed concern over drones hovering for the past two days in districts where the National Resistance Forces (NRF) are active. They told APW the drones mostly appeared during the night. Khost district residents of the province shared similar reports of worries over drones.