With Ashura around corner, two blasts kill 10 civilians in Kabul


KABUL: Two civilians were killed and 30 wounded in a bomb blast in Kabul’s Pul-e-Sokhta locality of PD 6 on Saturday afternoon, according to APW reports.

Relatively closer to yesterday’s blast, another bomb implanted in a wheel cart explosion left eight civilians dead and 18 others wounded in the Sar-e-Kariz area of PD 6 in Kabul city on Friday. Daesh or so-called Islamic State-Khorasan (ISK) claimed responsibility for the blast.

This is while ISK usually targets Shiite followers during Ashura commemoration, to be marked on August 8 this year.

In a recent instance of the raging anti-Taliban attacks, at least four Taliban fighters were killed. The National Resistance Forces (NRF) stormed a Taliban security post in Taloqan city, the provincial capital of Takhar province, on Friday night, the NRF claimed. However, APW sources are yet to confirm the exact casualties in the firefighting.

Further to the trend of assassinations, an individual was axed to death by unknown men in the Poti Kalacha area of the Dehrawood district of Uruzgan province on Friday. Moreover, a tribal elder named Malik Jameel was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the Momandara district of Nangarhar on Friday night.

On the other hand, Fateh Jan Pashteen, a cultural activist, was detained by the Taliban intelligence on charges of possessing a tri-color Afghan flag and playing the national anthem during a cricket match in Paktika’s Barmal district on Friday. This comes as several activists had earlier been detained and tortured in the neighboring Khost province as well, according to APW reports.