Bereft of education, Sorya regrets having no future


BAGHLAN: It has been almost a year under the Taliban since girls above sixth grade are suffering and cannot attend school while the group uses one pretext or another but hasn’t yet presented a clear justification to Afghans and the international community regarding why schools’ doors are shut.

Soraya, an Afghan student of 11th  grade, speaking to APW, says, “Deprived of school, I have lost all my plans for the future. Whenever I see my school books and bag, tears roll out my eyes as we Afghan girls don’t even have access to our fundamental right to education under this regime.”

Meanwhile, an Afghan female teacher, Najalai, regretted that many of her students had been suffering from severe depression after the closing of schools.

She urged the Taliban to present a valid justification for preventing Afghan girls from schools. “If there isn’t any reason, I demand that schools should be immediately reopened for Afghan girls.”

She expressed grave concern about this uncertain future of Afghan girls.

This comes as Afghan female activists across the globe and within Afghanistan have launched several protests and online campaigns since last August demanding the reopening of schools. Yet, the Taliban has not taken action regarding the reopening of schools.