Countrywide anti-US protests erupt in Afghanistan


KABUL: Afghans across the country took to the streets protesting the US drone attack in Kabul that killed Al Qaeda’s chief Al-Zawahiri last Tuesday.

Kabul residents protested in Arzan Qemat, Pul Charkhi, Karte Parwan, Saraye Shamali and many other localities of Kabul on Friday, condemning the attack.

On Tuesday night, US President Joe Biden announced that Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in an attack by an American drone in Sherpur, Kabul, on Sunday morning.

Following the recent killing of Al- Qaeda’s chief, after two days of deep silence, the Taliban released a statement that rejected the allegation of keeping Al-Zawahiri in Kabul and said they didn’t know that Al- Zawahiri was living in Kabul.

However, some reports showed Al-Zawahiri was living in a safe house guarded by the Taliban and the Haqqani group in Shirpur of Kabul city.

The protests in Kabul were coupled with other anti-US rallies across Afghanistan, including Uruzgan, Kandahar, Zabul, and some north and northeastern provinces. It is said they are engineered and funded by the Taliban officials to hide Al- Zawahiri’s killing allegations and links of the Taliban with the Al- Qaeda chief.