Taliban decrees gender segregation among Helmand doctors 


HELMAND: Taliban have recently decreed segregation of male and female doctors in Helmand hospitals.

Taliba have warned doctors at Jamhoriat and Children’s hospitals that female doctors shouldn’t mingle, talk or sit in the same department as male counterparts.

The decree also imposed that male doctors couldn’t see female patients and vice versa.

Moreover, the Taliban order also regulates doctors’ outfits, requiring female doctors to wear Hijab under their lab coats. Those violating the new draconian rules were threatened with severe consequences.

This comes as the Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada recently made recommendations and suggestions to the provincial governors on how to fulfill their responsibilities, asking them to convey the Sharia rules to the people, like servants of religion, for reform in provincial affairs. “We want Sharia law in its entirety, and all officials must conform to Sharia.”