Ghazni residents irked by unjust aid distribution


GHAZNI: Starvation, unemployment, and humanitarian crises have intensified across Afghanistan amid a corrupt system wherein the true eligible beneficiaries don’t receive any aid. 
A source told Afghan Peace Watch (APW) that people, including women and children who need the aid most, are deprived of the assistance recently being distributed by the World Food Program (WFP) through local NGOs in Ghazni.  
He said people are starving and lack proper shelter due to the acute poverty in the capital city and districts of Ghazni province. 
Meanwhile, Ghazni residents said the NGOs distributing aid follow Taliban orders in putting together lists of beneficiaries, leading to the food and money assistance going to Taliban fighters, Masjid Imams, and authorities. 
As a result, the starvation rate in the southeast has spiked. Young Afghans decide to leave their homes and plan on moving to Iran and Pakistan illegally. 
Local people called the ongoing humanitarian aid process a humanitarian disaster, saying, “it’s like the Zakat and Ushur filling up the pockets of Imams and the Taliban authorities.”