Taliban chief says man-made laws not enforceable 


KABUL: In a recent speech, the Taliban supreme leader Sheikh Haibatullah Akhundzada said man-made laws weren’t valid as he stressed the importance of an Islamic system. 

At a gathering with governors and Ulema in Kandahar on Wednesday, Akhundzada said there had been a lot of propaganda against the Islamic system and Sharia over the past 20 years. “There had been a deliberate promotion for the Republic.” 
A press release issued by the Taliban said the Ulema and governors also spoke at the occasion, emphasizing the importance of the Islamic system, its preservation, and the protection of people’s lives and property.
Meanwhile, Akhundzada made recommendations and suggestions to the governors on how to fulfill their responsibilities, asking them to convey the Sharia rules to the people, like servants of religion, for reform in provincial affairs. “We want Sharia law in its entirety, and all officials must conform to Sharia.”