NRF attack kills 4; Taliban nab 4 civilians in response

taliban pic.jpeg

KABUL: At least four Taliban fighters were killed and seven others were wounded during a National Resistance Forces (NRF) attack in Khenj district of Panjsher province last night while the Taliban retaliated by arresting four civilians in the mentioned locality on the suspicion of assisting NRF, according to APW security reports around the clock. 

Moreover, a roadside bomb blew up a Taliban’s corolla-type vehicle and left five Taliban dead in Panjsher’s Khenj district on Thursday. Another bomb planted and exploded inside a shop of Sikh Hakim in Kabul city PD 4 on the same day but the blast had no casualties.. 

Further in the trend of arresting activists, the Taliban raided home of Nurullah Mashal, a civil society activist from Greshk of Helmand, and took him hostage. The incident came as a few days back, Mashal had made a social media post complaining about poverty and problems in his native district of Greshk, according to APW reports. 

On the other hand, the Taliban killed three people in Laghman’s Alingar district on Thursday. A Taliban district governor said a man named Feroz was killed along with his brother and uncle, claiming they were foreign militants. 

This comes as clashes, assassinations and detentions of civilians have intensified in northern provinces of Afghanistan.