Dozens Taliban killed in raging conflicts with resistance forces

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KABUL: Fighting between the Taliban and the resistance forces continues unabated in different provinces of the country, as the latest attack by the National Resistance Forces (NRF) killed three Taliban fighters in Takhar province. 

Nearly one year into power, the Taliban are still grappling with exerting proper control and functioning as a government across Afghanistan. The biggest thorn in their side is dealing with anti-Taliban forces growing by the day in numbers and strength. 
On July 22, the NRF staged an offensive on a Taliban vehicle in the Farkhar district of Takhar and killed three Taliban fighters while destroying their vehicle.
Similarly, on July 21, at least four Taliban fighters were killed during an overnight search of a house in Jalalabad, the provincial capital of Nangarhar province. On the same day, an internal conflict between Taliban groups led to three deaths in Kunduz’s Khanabad district.
Moreover, nine Taliban bodies were reportedly ferried over from Andrab to Kabul and Kunduz by helicopter within four days since July 17. In the meantime, reports said ambulances and Ranger pick-ups transported at least 17 Taliban bodies overnight from Pol-e-Khumri, Nahrin and Taleb Barfak districts in Baghlan.
This comes as Mulla Yaqob, who led Taliban fighters against NRF forces in Baghlan, fled to Kabul after the fighters under his command were defeated.
Taliban and resistance clashes are the hot-button topic and one of the main elements of violence in the country.