Afghans launch ‘Ban Taliban’ campaign on Twitter 


By APW Team
KABUL: Following Meta’s crackdown on Taliban-affiliated content and pages, a sweeping trend on social media platform Twitter has been launched with a hashtag calling for “#BanTaliban.” 
The hashtag became a global sensation, with over 26k tweets so far in support  (as of writing this report). Rapidly on the rise, the trend has gained significant coverage in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Europe and India, as well as the United States of America. 
Among the advocates are Afghan journalists and civil activists urging Twitter to deny access to all Taliban members on Twitter, owing to the group’s spreading of misinformation and engaging in implicit and explicit harmful content, including calls for violence and beheading, as well as support for terrorists. 
This comes as Meta, formerly known as Facebook, banned Taliban-related content and pages on various platforms, including the RTA TV channel and Bakhtar News Agency, on Wednesday. The decision of banning Taliban- related content has been highly welcomed by the Afghan public, leading to the Twitter campaign. 
Last year in August, as the Taliban came to power, many social media companies revisited their policies on pro-Taliban accounts. However, Twitter decided to allow Taliban-affiliated accounts to continue using its platform despite its policies against the glorification of violence and threats.