Taliban dictate Afghan women introduce male replacements for jobs

afghan women pic.jpeg

KABUL: The Taliban have ordered women working in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance to delegate their duties to male family members a year after women in the public sector were prohibited from working for the government and had to stay at home.

In August 2021, shortly after the Taliban took power, women working in government offices were let go and given a salary that was much lower in exchange for doing nothing.
In a recent move, the Taliban ordered up to 60 female workers in Afghanistan’s finance ministry to send a male relative to fill their post since the workload in the office has grown, according to a report by the Guardian.
However, the Taliban do not want educated women to come to work anymore and instead intends to introduce male personnel. The Ministry of Finance and the Department of Revenue is an office that needs expert and competent employees in order to carry out the jobs successfully; nevertheless, the Taliban officials have been hiring their own members without a proper recruitment process, a female employee of the ministry confirmed. 
Despite earlier promises that they would be more progressive than under their previous rule, the Islamist group has adopted many laws since assuming power last year that limit women’s rights and freedoms.
Afghan females have been barred from attending school for more than a year, in addition to travel restrictions, the obligation to wear the hijab, and the gender-segregated restaurant policy.