TTP & Pakistan extend truce following Kabul Talks


KABUL: Taliban-mediated discussions have resulted in the Pakistani government and the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) extending the ceasefire indefinitely and continuing talks to end the almost two decades of militancy in the tribal border area.

The extension of the truce, which was set to expire Friday night, suggests substantial progress in discussions between the two parties in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, according to individuals familiar with the situation

According to sources, following separate discussions with Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund, Acting Prime Minister of the Taliban, at his office the other day, the two parties decided to prolong the truce and continue peace negotiations.

The development comes after days of “intense discussions” in Kabul, which were attended by top-level delegations from both sides, which appeared to be on the verge of collapsing at one point.

According to sources, the key mediator, Taliban Acting Minister for Interior Affairs Sirajuddin Haqqani, assisted in getting the negotiations back on course.

The next round of discussions is expected to take place in Kabul in the second week of June.