Unclaimed killings, insecurity continue to agonize Afghan civilians

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KABUL: Several security incidents happened across Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, including clashes, assassinations, and detentions, according to Afghan Peace Watch reports.

On Tuesday night, resistance forces initiated an attack on a Taliban base in the Kohzar area of Khost district of northern Baghlan province; local authorities confirmed the battle. Taliban were under intense siege for almost an hour, sources added. Heavy fatalities were inflicted on the Taliban in the clash; the exact figure of casualties is, however, yet to be shared by Taliban officials.

Elsewhere, a former commander named Habib Naseri was shot dead by an unknown armed men in Rustaq Abad locality of Kunduz city on Tuesday night, local sources confirmed his killing to APW, adding unknown gunmen entered his home around 1:30 PM last night and assassinated him mysteriously. Naseri had surrendered himself to the Taliban a year ago.

In Ghor, a man was shot dead by unknown militants in the Pasaband district on Monday. As per APW’s sources, the man is identified as Abdul Wahab; however, the motive behind his killing is uncertain yet, and the Taliban has relayed no word regarding the killing.

This is while a new wave of deadly assassinations across Afghanistan has worried Afghans. Former ANDSF soldiers, activists, and journalists are being killed and detained across Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, intense clashes between the Taliban and the resistance forces have led to the Taliban forcing civilians to leave their homes in the northern provinces of Baghlan, Takhar and Panjsher Northern. Their homes are turned into battlegrounds and are used as bastions for military operations and fighting in the area.