Taliban sign deal with UAE to run Afghan airports


KABUL: The Taliban have signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates on operating airports in Afghanistan, the group’s transportation and civil aviation minister said on Tuesday, after months of talks with the UAE, Turkey and Qatar.
Taliban’s deputy minister of transport and civil aviation Ghulam Jailani Wafa signed a deal on Tuesday with a GAAC corporation representative in the presence of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, first deputy prime minister.
Speaking at the contract signing event, Mullah Baradar stated that the country’s security is strong and that the Islamic Emirate is willing to work with foreign investors. 
Baradar stated that with the signing of this deal, all foreign airlines would begin flying to Afghanistan safely and dependably.
“When we were in a severe and emergency position, the UAE assisted us with technical assistance and free terminal repairs,” said Ghulam Jailani Wafa, Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation. “The GAAC Corporation is a multinational firm that offers aviation services in the United Arab Emirates.”