U.S. envoy slams Taliban curbs on Afghan women


KABUL: United States special envoy for Afghanistan Sunday criticized the Taliban for placing curbs on Afghan women and girls, urging the de facto government to revoke the decision. 
In a meeting in Doha with Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, US special envoy Thomas West took a hard line on the Taliban’s recent imposition of restrictions on women and girls.
“For progress to normalized relations, girls must be back in school, women free to move & work without limitations,” West tweeted after his meeting with Muttaqi.
He said he also discussed concerns over attacks on Afghan civilians as well as Afghanistan’s economic stability.
West reaffirmed that dialogue would continue in support of the Afghan people and “our national interests”.
The Taliban’s supreme leader recently ordered women to wear face veils in public. The decree sparked outrage around the world. Women in media, including anchors and TV personalities have also been ordered to cover their faces.
Since the Taliban took control of Kabul last August, women’s rights to education, work, and freedom have been undermined. However, Afghan Peace Watch (APW) reports that several cases have emerged following the Taliban’s decree, in which women have been physically assaulted by their soldiers for not covering their faces at checkpoints.