Signs point to IS-K reemergence in northern Afghanistan


BAGHLAN: The Islamic State-Khurasan (IS-K) terrorist group in Afghanistan was suppressed in northern Afghanistan following the surrender of at least 250 fighters, including its leaders in the Darzab district of Jawzjan province.
IS-K began its attacks against the former government’s military in 2017 from Sar Dara village of Jawzjan province and carried on until 2018, when it surrendered under Taliban pressure. It had carried out dozens of attacks until then and fought against the Taliban.
It has been about four years since the IS-K surrendered and now the Taliban, the sworn enemies of IS-K, are in control of Afghanistan.
Surprisingly, there are signs signaling a resurgence of the terrorist group exactly where they had started their attacks in the past, Sar Dara village. Last week, IS-K terrorists reportedly captured the Darzab district and media published contradictory reports.
Our sources in Darzab say this has alarmed the Taliban. Last week, when people in Sar Dara left their homes early in the morning, they came across an IS-K flag hoisted over a Taliban checkpoint. About an hour later, the news spread to surrounding villages and even Jawzjan city, causing the Taliban to panic.