Security incidents surge in Afghanistan APW Team

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KABUL: Security concerns have surged across Afghanistan following the recent rise in activity of resistance forces in the Panjsher, Baghlan and Takhar provinces of northern Afghanistan.
According to the Afghan Peace Watch reports, civilians in northern and former Afghan national forces across the country are being targeted and killed by Taliban.
On Saturday, a school student identified as Muhammad Taqi Pouya was arrested by the Taliban over his social media posts against the new regime. His brother told us he has no links with the former government.
Meanwhile, scores of civilians and former Afghan forces were assassinated in the Panjsher, Takhar, Baghlan, and Badakhshan provinces of Afghanistan. Dozens of others have been arrested. The Taliban officials have remained tight-lipped in this regard, and the motive behind the killings is also unknown thus far but it’s usually for having links to anti-Taliban forces.