Security incidents surge amid Taliban violence


KABUL: At least 12 security incidents, including targeted killings, clashes and a blast, occurred across Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, according to Afghan Peace Watch.

On Tuesday, a Taliban military vessel ripped through a roadside bomb in PD 17 of Kabul, leaving several Taliban injured, eyewitnesses reported to APW.

On Monday, the Taliban shot and killed a former Afghan National Army soldier identified as Salahuddin in Takhar’s Rustaq district. Residents confirmed the killing. In another incident on the same day, two former soldiers were killed in Balkh’s Marmol district, while none of them had a link to any resistance group since the Taliban took control of Kabul.

At least eight Taliban, including their commander, were killed in an ambush of resistance forces in Hesa Awal district of Panjsher province. NRF opposition group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, local sources told us that a young boy was shot dead by Taliban assaulters and his brother injured in Panjsher on Monday. However, two ANA’s former soldiers were targeted and killed by Taliban insurgents in Karan Wa Minjan district of Badakhshan. The motive behind the killing is unknown yet.

On Monday night, three Taliban were killed and four others wounded in a resistance forces attack on their base in Gul Bahar district of Parwan province. Resistance forces claimed responsibility for the attack, adding two Pick Up type vehicles were also destroyed in the battle, but no word from Taliban officials regarding the clash yet.