Several security incidents occur round-the-clock in Afghanistan


KABUL: Several security incidents, including target killings, clashes, a blast and a cross-border artillery attack, took place across Afghanistan over the past one day, according to Afghan Peace Watch.
On Saturday evening, a young boy was gunned down by armed assailants in Hesarak center of Logar province. In another incident in Kabul city, a businessman identified as Babrak Amiri was killed in a Taliban shooting, local authorities confirmed to us, adding the motive behind his killing is unknown. 
Civilians have been being killed across Afghanistan without any specific reason since the Taliban took power last August; however, Taliban senior officials are silent on these killings as well.
In Aino Mina city of Kandahar, a high school principal named Ershad Ahmad was stabbed and killed by the Taliban in his car on Saturday night, local sources confirmed to Afghan Peace Watch.
Meanwhile, Pakistan fired 41 artillery shells across the Durand Line into the Nari district of Kunar province and injured a girl in the shelling, residents told APW. This shelling continued from Saturday night till morning Sunday morning at 11 AM. 
This comes as Pakistan often carries out similar attacks on the Durand line. Hundreds of civilians, including children and women, were killed and injured in Pakistani Air forces bombing in Khost province a couple of weeks ago; nevertheless, there has been no reaction from Taliban officials on these recent and previous cross-border aggressions.