Thousands migrate to Iran for education amid Taliban ban

afghan girls education.jpeg

KABUL: Many Afghan families have migrated to neighboring Iran in the wake of the Taliban’s banning girls from attending secondary and high schools across Afghanistan.
After the Taliban backtracked on reopening high schools for girls in March, a growing number of Afghan families are leaving the country for Iran, where they can have access to education.
Sources and official reports suggest that families are leaving the country in hordes as living conditions are becoming increasingly difficult and as education for girls is banned countrywide.
Girls were first banned from school for six months following the Taliban’s return to power after the US pullout in August 2021. Despite a widespread distrust, the Taliban vowed to allow girls to return to school before the new school year began in March. But they broke their promise and blocked thousands of girls from entering classrooms across Afghanistan. Taliban strung out schools reopening and haven’t been allowing girls above elementary school to enter schools.
The de facto Taliban regime imposes the same restrictions on Afghan women as their previous dictatorship in the 1990s.
In another draconian decree, the Taliban introduced a compulsory face veil for women last week, binding all girls and women to wear face veils or face punishment.