Taliban-Resistance fighting escalates in north Afghanistan


KABUL: A new wave of fighting has begun between the Taliban and the National Resistance forces in Panjshir and Takhar provinces, with heavy clashes and casualty tolls on both sides. 
In the wake of several recent deadly attacks by resistance forces, the Taliban retaliated by killing tens of civilians since early this week in Panjshir, Baghlan, and Takhar – the flashpoints of anti-Taliban resistance. Sources say all roads leading to Panjshir valley have been shut off to traffic, and civilians are not allowed to leave Panjshir to flee the reprisal killings and the escalating unrest.
Over the past day, several targeted killings and explosions occurred across Afghanistan. According to Afghanistan Peace Watch (APW), on Wednesday, at least 3 civilians were injured in two separate bomb blasts in Kunar’s Manogai district and Asadabad city. No group claimed responsibility for the bombings. On the same day, the Taliban hanged a young boy named Karzai in Ghanikhel district of Paktia province.
In Takhar’s Versaj district, the brother of a former security force member was killed by the Taliban on Wednesday. In another shooting incident, the Taliban killed a former member of the Afghan national army in Kandahar’s Dahla district on Thursday.