U.S. envoy derides Taliban for yet another move against women

afghan woman boqra.jpeg

KABUL: Thomas West, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, called the Taliban’s recent hijab policy “an assault to human rights,” warning the Taliban that it will hurt their relationship with the international community.
The denunciation came quickly after the Taliban leader issued a decree to force women across Afghanistan to wear face veil in public places, another suppressive move that further exacerbates the country’s crisis of women’s rights.
Taliban’s new order, which has meted out punishment for women, has set off a bedlam among the Afghan people and the international community. The European Union and the United States recently condemned the Taliban for restricting the rights of women and girls.
Thomas West said the Taliban’s new move would further isolate their government from the world.
Women’s rights, freedom of expression and civil rights have been drastically deteriorating in Afghanistan after the Taliban rode to power last year and began their repressive rule.