Over half of Afghanistan’s population faces hunger

Afghan facing hunger.jpeg

KABUL: Following the collapse of Afghanistan’s republic government, millions of people in the country are now facing hunger and food shortages.
With the advent of the Taliban’s regime and a total economic collapse, most of the country is now in dire economic straits.
According to the United Nations, food shortages affect 97 percent of Afghans.
A mother who requested anonymity told CTV News from her home in Afghanistan that she and her children struggled throughout Ramadan due to months of limited access to food, which meant they had nothing to eat to break their fast in the evenings.
“Food shortages are worse than we can see,” said Noorain Noorani, executive director of The Zahra Foundation, a registered charity with offices in Canada and the United Kingdom that works to deliver food and safe drinking water to devastated Afghans across the country.
According to the UN World Food Program, more than 22 million Afghans are suffering from severe hunger, with the majority unable to foresee when their next meal will arrive.
This represents a massive increase from September 2020, when over 14 million people were on the edge of starvation. According to the organization, 97 percent of the population had insufficient food in December, and they were turning to deal with stress such as skipping meals.