India urges world not to forget Afghanistan crisis

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KABUL: India has urged the international community to remember Afghanistan’s security and humanitarian crises while focusing on the Ukraine war.
Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar acknowledged the Ukraine conflict is a critical challenge, but he questioned European countries’ lack of response to key Asian issues in a private geopolitical conference held in New Delhi on Tuesday.
Jaishankar addressed his European counterparts about the catastrophic humanitarian calamity in Afghanistan following the West’s withdrawal and collapse of Kabul to the Taliban’s hands in last August, according to the Hindustan Times.
“You mentioned Ukraine, and I’m reminded of what occurred in Afghanistan less than a year ago, when the world threw an entire civil society under the bus,” he said in response to a question from Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt.
“I would say, very honestly, that all of us would like to discover the correct balance of our values, interests, and experiences,” the foreign minister said. It appears differently