Karzai urges Taliban to reopen schools for girls

afghan school girls.jpeg

KABUL: Afghanistan’s former president Hamid Karzai has voiced his deep concerns over the Taliban’s closing down secondary and high schools for girls.

He stressed that the people of Afghanistan want their girls to return to school and get educated. “There is no means the country can survive without our girls attending school,” the former president said in an interview with the BBC.

“I am confident that schools for Afghan girls will reopen soon because the Afghan people demand it constantly,” he continued.

The Taliban have faced mounting international pressure for their decision to shut down these schools over the past 220 days.

UN agencies, religious scholars, civil society activists, Afghan clerics, and political leaders have pushed the Taliban regime to reopen girls’ schools.

According to UNICEF, closure of secondary and high schools for teenage girls is a severe issue that might increase child and forced marriages throughout Afghanistan.

UNICEF also plans to give around 200,000 in emergency cash to school instructors across Afghanistan over the next two months and has already distributed over 35 million textbooks.