India, UK urge Taliban to allow girls to school


By APW Team
KABUL: The Taliban have banned Afghan girls from attending secondary and high schools in Afghanistan since they took control of Afghanistan last August. They have not presented any legitimate justification for their repressive behavior towards girls’ education.
The British and Indian prime ministers have urged the Taliban’s new regime to allow Afghan girls to return to secondary education.
During Saturday’s discussion, British and Indian Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi expressed enormous concern over the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and the ban on Afghan girls attending school.
“On Afghanistan, both countries voiced their profound concern over the humanitarian situation, security, human rights violations, and restricted access of girls and women to education,” according to a joint statement released following their meeting.
British Prime Minister Johnson also praised India’s assistance in delivering medical and food nutritional aid to the Afghan people and supporting education for Afghan girls in Afghanistan.
They emphasized the need for a representative and inclusive political system to support a peaceful, safe, and stable Afghanistan while also promising sustained humanitarian assistance to Afghans and care for girls’ education in Afghanistan.